"Pore water sampling couldn't be simpler"

Home of "PushPoint" sediment pore water sampling systems

We proudly supply researchers, government, and industry with equipment to allow investigators to sample sediment pore water in the field. This allows us to rapidly and accurately locate and sample where groundwater is entering lakes and streams; in essence, map the area of groundwater/surface water interactions. The simple and efficient tools and techniques are especially helpful for tracking contaminated groundwater discharging into surface water.

MHE Products offers a line of PushPoint sampling tools (a.k.a."the Henry sampler") (US Pat. 6,470,967) that allows rapid and efficient in-situ pore water sample collection, suitable for on-site and laboratory analysis of physical parameters (pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, redox potential, etc.) and contamination (volatile organic chemicals, semi-volatile chemicals, dissolved metals, etc.). In addition, the tools may be used to measure the static water level of groundwater within the sediments and thus help determine if the area is one of aquifer discharge or recharge. The devices and techniques are suitable for the collection of aerobic or anaerobic microbiological and geochemical samples and may also be used for the introduction of tracers or amendments to sediments.

These reusable tools are finely crafted of 316 Stainless Steel and are economically priced. The PushPoint may be used for one-time sampling at a location and then decontaminated for reuse or may be installed as a semi-permanent miniature monitoring well. Samples of pore water are usually non-turbid and almost no waste is generated. Collect samples with a disposable syringe (100% polyethylene/polypropylene) or peristaltic pump. The original 1/8 inch diameter PushPoint Research Samplers comes in a 14" length, and the heavy-duty 1/4 inch diameter PushPoint Investigation Samplers come in 36" and 72" lengths; a variety of specialty tool lengths and screen configurations are available. Various steel and plastic sampling platform/guides are available for assisting with vertical profile sampling and for the semi-permanent underwater installations.

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